Kingston Springs, Tennessee, United States


"It's About To Get Western"

"Record of the Year"
by the Academy of Texas Music

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Western/Swing Top 10 Chart Feb/Mar 2007

1. Driving Nails In My Coffin - Mike Siler
2. Faded Love - Brady Bowen
3. Deep Water - Tommy Alverson
4. Gotta Keep ’Em Movin’ Along - Billy Mata
5. Old Love Letters - Michael Woodard
6. Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane - Joe Paul Nichols
7. Take Me Back To Tucson - Tiffany Jo Allen
8. Fiddle Swing - Bob Boatright
9. Lost My Baby Blues - Reid Wells & Segovia
10. Cowboy Legacy - Todd Fritsch


Michael Perry Siler was born and raised in Lubbock, TX. Surrounded by farming and ranching it is easy to understand Mike's view of life. To see soil tilled and prepared and a small seed planted for harvest, you learn first hand the cycle of life. You must first have a dream, and then water and nurture that dream for harvest. To witness the saying, "You reap what you sow", come to life every day, makes quite an impression on a young man with a dream of his own. Without realizing it at first, Mike laid his foundation at the ripe ole age of 8, with his very first performance at a piano recital. He was asked at the last minute to sing "Home on the Range". The positive reaction from the audience hooked Mike for life and he has never forgotten it. Entertaining has been in his blood ever since, fueling his quest for stardom.

After several years of piano lessons, Mike decided that the guitar would allow him more flexibility for his on stage performances. After high school, Mike worked as a fireman for the City of Lubbock. While on the fire department, Mike honed his skills as a rhythm guitarist and vocal stylist. Mike gained inspiration through the music and talents of Ray Price, Faron Young, George Jones, and Johnny Bush.
Mike and his wife Vicki moved to the Austin area and started "The True Country Band". Mike and his band performed all over the Texas Hill Country area and developed a very impressive and devoted following.

In 1996 Mike and his family made the big move to Nashville, Tennessee. He has been polishing his chops as an entertainer by playing for tips to large audiences at "Legends Corner", the premier night club for live country music.

It is no doubt that through his patience, focus and determination, Mike Siler will soon become a household name.

Michael Perry Siler (Mike)
February 8th
Wife Vicki, daughters Jenni and Becki
Steak and potatoes
"That's the Way Love Goes"
F.A.C.E. (Friends of Abused Children Everywhere) (
I was asked to sing on the Midnight Jamboree as a guest of Darryl McCall's. I was told that because of advertising and other guests they only had time for one song. After singing, the audience's reaction was so overwhelming, I was asked to sing another song.
George Jones, George Strait, Faron Young, Johnny Bush, and Ray Price
Best Gig: When I was playing with my band in Texas, the clubs would have us open for the current stars that were touring in our area. One night we opened for Rhett Akins after his first single went top ten. The house was packed with screaming college kids. We got an all-star treatment, from having them kept off the stage to leaning onto the stage and grabbing our boots and jeans. Cameras flashed, women screamed and sang every word right along with us. We had to exit off the side where the other band and security were lined up giving us the experience of stardom. IT WAS AWESOME! I was also honored by having my song, "Man of Clay", chosen by Robert K. Oermann to be featured in Music Row Magazine with a positive write-up.
Favorite Pet:
My Horse! SEA MAR PEPPY - alias Smokey Joe, as in my song "It's About to Get Western".
Water Skiing, Raising and Riding Quarter Horses, and player guitar and singing.